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  1. Dispensary Website
    Your dispensary website is a growing online real estate asset. Take claim to your dispensaries placement on google. Our websites are all optimized to get your local dispensary listed on search engines locally. Websites come standard with click to order functionalities and can be optimized to work with a touch screen at your retail location.
  2. Mobile App
    Mobile phone apps are one of the best ways to stay in front of your customers. Let us build your dispensary client base by offering automatic push notifications to your customers. Push notifications can be programmed to send to your customers right when they run out of products. Mobile Apps also provide online ordering to your customers.
  3. Loyalty Program
    The cannabis industry is one of the most competitive market places in the United States. Brand loyalty is a very difficult thing to achieve in the cannabis industry. One of the strongest strategies in achieving brand loyalty is by offering incentives to your customers. With our brand loyalty program you can track the sales of each customer and give them rewards points for returning.
  4. POS System
    POS systmes are at the core of every retail business. Our POS systems help dispensary owners keep track of all in stock inventory. Our POS systems allows you to easily add more inventory and keep track of daily, weekly, and monthly sales with our integrated reporting. Integrate directly with your website, mobile app, and loyalty program.
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Dispensary Automation and Marketing
Welcome to Cannabis! Your one shop stop for all things software, marketing, tech, & cannabis despensary related. We had a dream! To create a  dispensary platform that combines all the big industry tools and software under one roof.  Without a need to jump between 3 platforms.

A world where there isn't a need to hire a POS software company, a website designer, a mobile app developer, an accountant, a marketing guru, a content creator,  IT staff, and or a social media manager. We do it all!

We take a partnership approach with our clients. Your success is our success. We don't expect or require you to have advanced tech or programming knowledge. We want to let you know that we are GREAT at it! Let us do the automation work while you do what you love!

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Let Us Simplify Your Cannabis Dispensary Business
Beyond our ability to expand your client base and revenue, we can improve your customer's experience and interaction with your business while making it easier for you (through automation) to earn faster and with less admistrative and paper work!
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Money Back Guarentee 
Our mission statment is simple! Provide quality full service dispensary software and consulting solutions at the lowest cost up front.  We know we build your new automated dispensary business and get to know us there will be no reason to go anywhere else. All of our services are full service with programs starting at $100. There is no better full service partner in this business solution than us. In FACT, we guarentee it!
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