About Us  

The Dream Team
Jonathan "OZ" Mansfield
Jonathan is passionate about helping businesses dream big and succeed. His weapon of choice is digital marketing. When Jonathan isn’t meeting with clients or learning about business and marketing, he can be found writing songs or playing with his numerous djs and friends.

  • Jonathan enjoys nudging things one pixel at a time until they look ‘perfect’
  • Jonathan thinks he can predict the weather better than the professionals
  • He fully believes he is a  cross between a wizard and  ninja
  • Chases Unicorns  at music festivals !
"The good news is.... well that there is always good news!"
Brian Boyd
He might tell you other wise – but he was actually the only candidate in the running for ‘Senior Cool Dude’. As with all self proclaimed ‘cool’ people he’s tiresome to deal with – but all the clinets seem to love him so… there’s that. Brian holds the record for the most packages received at the office in a calendar year.

  • A hardcore gamer, Brian owns pretty much every console ever made.
  • A key player for the local basketball legends the Unicorns.
  • Likes hot dogs like ALOT! Except when in Raw Vegan phases when he can be found white knuckling it out front of 7/11.
Managing Director
"If its not broken, well break it anyway, than fix it twice!"
Jordan NeFouse
Jordan gave up his dream of being an olympic athlete when he realised that he had no discernible sporting talent. Fortunately he’s found a rewarding role leading a top tier television production company, where you’ll find him manning the BBQ, or working in the “Geek Zone” where he manages the technical team.

  • Jordan once drank a whole bottle of mint sauce
  • Jordan  (along with 3 team members) broke a Guinness World Record for the longest ever darts marathon
  • Jordan's “Useless Skill” is catching items that fall out of the fridge
Creative Director
"Write it like you mean it, code it like you own it, play the game like you're never going to give it up"
Shane Hoffmeyer
Shane, our very own in-house rock guitarist  (yep, he’s a pom) understands how to transform an under-performing sales floor into a dollar printing machine!

With over 10 years experience in the sales and digital marketing industry, Shane spends his time amongst our webIQ team, continuously optimising websites to generate more leads and sales for our clients.

  • Shane knows when you’re bluffing at the poker table.
  • Shane  travels have taken him to Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, India, Japan, Indonesia and of course his new home, Australia. Next stop… Las Vegas!
  • Shane is obsessed with the digital currency Bitcoin and believes one day his Bitcoin stash will be worth millions.
Sales Director
"Bitch better have my money!"

About Us

Cannabis Clubber is the cannabis technology division of our electronic event company and marketing firm.  Cannabis clubber as a whole, is a forward thinking collective of serial entrepreneurs and networkers with a primary focus on connecting the community with cannabis.

With legal marijuana sales now hitting record breaking billions of dollars per year and only climbing. We decided to make it our primary focus to assist cannabis dispensary owners grow. Our primary mission objective is simple, develop relationships with dispensary owners. Once we show value to the dispensary owner we know that we will have the opportunity to continue to earn their business as we move forward. Our whole pholosophy is simple charge no setup fee and provide full software suites and web development services for a low monthly affordable fee. Many small business owners cannot usually afford large marketing and software firms due to high upfront cost. At cannabis clubber we leverage our communities doing business with us in large volume to keep the monthly costs low for everyone.

Cannabis clubber is more than just a technology company it also is a club! Our club incentives its dispensaries and consumers to use our companies and partner dispensaries POS systmes, phone apps, and websites. The more clients that we gain the larger we expand our club. Cannabis clubbers incentives for consumers and dispensaries includ: discounts on products / free products, VIP lounge access at major music festivals, direct networking opportunities, free festival entry, local social events, and lots of swag. As the cannabis industry grows we plan on growing right with it! Come join us on this new journey into the cannabiis frontier and lets make history together!