Cannabis Loyalty Programs ​​ 

Keep your customers coming back!

Lets face it,  cannabis consumers are not the most loyal customers across industries. Part of the issue is there are just so many options in most counties for dispensaries. From delivery companies to brick and mortar. The customers are always curious and on a mission to find the best strains, or that new edible, and or that special hot sauce. As well as hunting WeedMaps for the best "new patient special". Let us help you keep those new patients on your site and in your stores.

 So how does a dispensary overcome this? Our systems not only gives the customers a reason to come back, but incentivises them to spread the word to friends  through email and social media. 

If your customers were reminded to buy more cannabsis a day before they needed it, notified them when their favorite strain were back in stock, and offered a sample of a new prodcut that just came in, how do you think that would effect your business? Give your dispensary the tools it needs to stay in front of its customers. We do all the work and programming! You just watch the money flow in. 

Track how much the customer spends and create different reward systems to get them back. Use the reward system to send push notifications directly to thier cell phone from your branded mobile app to spike business on a slow day. The potential is endless! We do all the heavy lifting and setup for you. You just weigh the cannabis & count the green! We guarentee you will see a immediate boost in business! 
Give us a chance to show you all the advantages of having your own automated reward and loyalty system. The early adopters of systems like integrated loyalty programs across all screens and points of customer interaction will be the winners of the years to come! Let us show you how!
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